About R&S

Meet Joe and Buzza a couple of misfits and merry-makers, and the creative duo behind Rebel & Slaughter. Graphic designers with a penchant for craftsmanship, they’re on a mission to purvey collectable and covetable products of intrigue and fascination in a world of mundane.
Thus they channel their energies into creating home decor products that are stimulating to assemble, joyous to behold, and special enough to keep forever.
With collaboration from family and friends they have meticulously prototyped infinite variations of their hanging mobiles, wall art and boppers until they achieved the ultimate combination of motion, quirkiness and beauty .
Their commitment extends beyond the realm of aesthetics. They’re dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing as ethically as possible, to diminish the environmental impact of production and to invest in local economies.
Escape the ordinary. Embrace the impossible. Redefine your interior landscape. And buy nothing unless it is useful, beautiful or lasting fun.
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