For your idea to succeed, first you need to understand its potential users: why they would want it, how they would use it, and what they would want it to do. In short, to identify their collective and individual needs.

We can help you map the world your user lives in, their preferences and the challenges they face. And with that knowledge we can help you create something that people really want.

We treat the user as the central focus of the design. A good design provides choice, but not so many that the user is distracted. It provides enough information to enable them to make decisions. It offers help but keeps the user in control. It invites them to inform the product. Result = happy loyal customer.

We keep close watch for emerging technologies to help you discern the difference between a fad and an important trend. And as social networks evolve and mature we help you choose the best way to connect with your users and hear what they have to say.

Big Data groups us into herds in order to predict our lifestyle and consumer choices. This is useful to a degree, but limited in its prescriptiveness. We’ll dig a little deeper to gain the sort of insight that values your users’ individuality, and helps you stand out from the masses.

At Rebel & Slaughter we enjoy creating long-term successful collaborations with our clients. We listen carefully, share advice openly, and provide ongoing support for as long as you want it. The outcome is that you get the results you really want, and we deliver a job that we’re really proud of.


There are multiple entry points through which consumers engage with brands in the digital environment, and these relationships are continually evolving. We offer informed analysis to help you determine which combination of them will work best for you.

"Our SEO gurus will increase your SEM successes and our UX jedis will push up your CRO no end, which means you can optimise your CPC spend and keep your CPA low and your ROI high, maximising the LTV potential of your nascent market. Our CRM skills include SMO and SMM and our nano-niche strategies are quite unbelievable. Our VPNs will stop your Big Data falling into the Bit Bucket; you’ll never see VPLs when we’re reaching outside the box and our servers will never be FUBB. We’ll facelift your USPs and do some square-inch analysis on your KPIs. Trust us, your COO will love it."

Alternatively, talk to us and we’ll give you candid, jargon-free advice on how to turn your vision into long term success in the real world. This includes practical and achievable strategies for content, search engines and social media; principles for code and architecture; and not least, great design.

We work hard to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients. We aim to become a trusted partner, combining our joint skills and experience to achieve the highest possible standards and the best outcomes for your business.

What's your story


Every ambition needs an unambiguous vision. We can help define and clarify your goals, identify all the potential obstacles you might encounter on the road to achieving them, and work with you to answer all of those challenges with simple, elegant solutions that really work.

Open every door


With two decades of creative, technology and business experience we’re well placed to advise on marketing methodologies. We'll give you honest, practical advice to help you formulate the most appropriate on- and offline strategies for your organisation.


We believe in responsible marketing. This means being measured, authentic, and meaningfully targeted. We can help you connect with the people that will genuinely be interested in your product and service. Anything else is just spam.


Useful, usable and desirable: the three principles that guide all our creative work. If a design can’t achieve all those things at the same time, then we’d argue that it’s not really working at all.

Once we've got a good understanding of your brand, your aims and your user, then we'll turn our attention to the experience you want them to have. You’ll have a vision of the destination you want them to reach (perhaps a sign-up, a purchase, or sharing your content) and, to respect their individuality, you’ll want to give them a choice of enjoyable routes to get them there.

Collectively we have over 20 years' experience to share with you in designing identities, online media and literature. We're approachable, flexible, responsive and you'll have our full attention.

Collectively we have over 20 years' experience to share with you in designing identities, online media and literature. We're approachable, flexible, responsive and you'll have our full attention.

We can help you build a successful brand that is achievable within your means. Our online work combines appealing interfaces with intuitive navigation and useful functionality, ensuring an equally enjoyable journey irrespective of device, platform or browser. We can also advise when and how a printed piece can have the best impact.

The outcome for your user is a rewarding end-to-end experience of your brand, product and service. The outcome for you is the achievement of your vision, on time and within budget. Different stories with equally happy endings.


Rebel & Slaughter prides itself on building interfaces that load gracefully over any device or platform. We employ the best of technology to create simplicity for the user, so that they can remain focussed on your content.

There are many ways to tell your story

You can tell your story in ways that adapt elegantly to the technologies within your user's reach.

We can help you make informed decisions on how to best tell your story in a rapidly changing technological environment, and in ways that most suit your business model and budget

Our online project management tools make sure that everyone in the team, including the client, is always connected and aware of what needs to be achieved by when and by whom. With a complete picture of progress whenever you need it, you can focus your energies into running your business and creating great content.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. - Albert Einstein

Our programming team has a comprehensive collection of technical skills including valid, standards-compliant code and cross-browser/platform compatibility. They can also configure remarkably clever things from open source platforms. Our custom-made databases are built to be robust and scaleable to preserve the integrity of your data into the long-term future. Be it a small simple showcase site or a complex app, we aim to give you the highest possible standards of quality and usability.

We make sure that search engine effectiveness is woven into the fabric of your site. This is achieved through a combination of interface design, valid code, information architecture, URL structures and meta data. This recipe fast-tracks Googlebot through your site like a VIP at an airport, leaving the competition loitering in the low rankings.


Having invested time and money into your web presence, you’ll want to understand what it is achieving for you. At Rebel & Slaughter we work alongside our clients to develop a practise of ongoing observation and analysis, and to use that learning to evolve their marketing strategies.

We implement tailored tracking methodologies to monitor the performance of your website, search engine strategy, email marketing and social media campaigns. We're happy to share our knowledge in deconstructing analytics reports, exposing valuable patterns of cause and effect.

Use cases, modelling and analyses of user relationships and behaviours can reveal whether your products and services are providing what your customers really want. We can adapt these processes according to the scale of your venture, your intended audience and your budget.

Listening + observation + evaluation = insight. Once you know what's most important to most of your users, they won't need to look anywhere else.